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Bootstrapping AWS account with CloudFormation and CodePipeline

Saturday, 09 June 2018, 08:22

Yes, I love CloudFormation when working with AWS. With all of it's limitations and quirks, it's a really simple and extensible tool, that allows you fully manage your resources in an automated Infrastructure-as-a-code approach. If you create a project from scratch you probably want to automate as much as possible - if you decide on CloudFormation you probably want to figure out how to provision as much as possible from your AWS cloud with it? The thing is: you can manage everything - by using just a single command it's possible to bootstrap your account in a fully automated manner.

Tags: CloudFormation, AWS, Cloud, Continuous Delivery, CodePipeline

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Multiple Amazon API Gateway stages

Sunday, 03 December 2017, 23:05

Short time ago I described CI/CD pipeline design, that allows for handling multiple environment deployments replicated from same CloudFormation template. Process is usually quite easy if you have some EC2-based deployment, per-environment ECS cluster or Lambda functions that you can deploy freely however you like. Things get complicated when you integrate API Gateway. The easiest way would be to deploy separate APIs for each of your environments. But it seems so wrong, isn't it? API Gateway has a feature of stages, that seems to be perfect for such cases.

Tags: CloudFormation, Lambda, AWS, Cloud, API Gateway

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Continuous Delivery with CodePipeline, CodeBuild and Maven

Saturday, 02 December 2017, 20:47

Neue Arbeit, neue Stadt, neue Blog Post. My adventure in HRS has finished. Time for the next step, but next step starts next Monday, so I have some time to spend with family and update my blog a little. As recently I was mainly involved into managing infrastructure of various projects on AWS and picked CloudFormation as a tool to manage all of the resources, I discovered a lot of quirks, sometimes undocumented behaviors, but mostly just built simple stuff from simple pieces that are working great with a minimum effort. Want to share some of my knowledge here, especially that AWS documentation is usually very fragmented, unclear or missing; which doesn't change the fact, that still - it provides all you need to build the stuff you want, managing most of them for you.

Tags: CloudFormation, JSON, Maven, AWS, Cloud, Continuous Delivery, CodeBuild, CodePipeline

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Java+AWS Lambda+Spring - a little less wrong way

Sunday, 07 May 2017, 23:00

FaaS approach is still quite fresh and developers keep comming out with better and better solutions for handling it. One of the leading cloud services providing function applications is AWS Lambda and here I will describe my exprience with it, but I'm pretty sure these clues can apply regardless of provider, which you use. Obviously when a developer face new environment, like this, the easiest way is to try it out with your known technological stack. And no matter how improper it seems to be, you can handle it with Java. And when Java, you will very likely also think of using Spring to help you with it. How? Why? Why not?

Tags: Lambda, Spring, AWS, Cloud, Optimization, Java

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FrontPageFilter - SPA with server side pages in Java

Wednesday, 05 October 2016, 20:38

Time flies, browsers become more and more modern, they are more and more up-to-date. As the common web standards and new frontend technologies are being adopted you can shift more stuff to the client-side. Particularily it means nowadays you can leave most of the frontend part on your JavaScript application shoulders. Thanks to that SPA approach is getting more and more popular. Especially that most search engines and webmaster tools are now able to understand and execute JavaScript code to build full site representation for analysis. With all of these in mind it's an attractive idea to develop your backend application as a pure JSON API (it doesn't have to be pure REST) and handle everything related to presentation layer on a frontend (browser) side. But you still need an application to serve it all from your server(s). Which means your backend application still needs to be a web application.

Tags: Web, Spring, Code, AJAX, ChillDev, Server, Java

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PopStack - copy-pasting from StackOverflow has never been as easy

Saturday, 19 March 2016, 00:05

I work in Berlin but live in Szczecin - commute to work by train and have something like 2 hours per day to spend on doing something on my laptop. I also cannot sleep until late hours (just like today) so I have few more hours. That gives me few hours per day after my regular work to spend on something on my laptop. Sometimes I do my private projects, sometimes I do spare-time freelance projects, but from time to time I like playing with new stuff. This is how PopStack was born.

Tags: Ciekawostki, Szczecin, Technologie, Teksty, Kod, Chillout, Projekty

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