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ChillDev-Commons Java library

Saturday, 05 April 2014, 15:43

Last time I'm playing more and more with Java. And like always some parts of project I'm working on were absolutely generic. As an enthusiast of technologry and open-source I decided to publish them as ChillDev-Commons - losely coupled general-purpose routines library for Java. There is no particular idea about them, just released those classes that are completely generic and can be used by anyone - maybe they will be helpful. Hopefuly project will grow a little in future.


Right now there are just a few classes in the repository, so let me describe them briefly. They are groupped into separate sub-packages available on Maven Central Repository:

exception formatting utilities;
helper utilities for Apache Commons Daemon;
various classes for concurrent computing related to futures and web sessions.


Classes are written using Java7 features. Apart from that and except for development tools if you want to play with source code, most of the classes have no other dependencies (the only exception is ChillDev-Commons Daemon package, which requires Apache-Commons Daemon but it's quite obvious).


This is MIT-licensed open-source project published on GitHub. You don't need to ask if you can, just do all the awesome things you want!

Tags: Code, Tutorial, ChillDev, Java