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ChillDev.JS - applications mechanism

Sunday, 17 April 2011, 17:20

Even thought I'm quite busy with my business projects I still working hard on ChillDev.JS. I would like to present next huge step - applications mechanism. jQuery has it's jQuery-UI and so my beloved Prototype has it's Scripty2 (still in it's beta). But they are relatively simple libraries, that provide just UI widgets. For something more, you have to look for additional extensions. For jQuery you will probably find mbContainerPlus (looks beautifull, but it's a piece of crappy code, using it will be pain in your ass), but how about Prototype-based libraries? There is LivePipe UI, old Prototype-UI, but they still provide just simple dialog boxes widgets. Now, ChillDev.JS brings full windowing and applications stack for Prototype!

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ChillDev.JS - let me introduce

Tuesday, 29 March 2011, 16:22

First of all - what is ChillDev.JS? Don't worry - it's not another framework. It is set of components (and various useful routines) built on top of Prototype. It is (will be?) set of classes and UI components that bases on Prototype and Scripty2. It's main purpose is to be flexible and scalable - completly objective API with well-though data dlow allows even complex projects to use it's components by composing them with own routines (see the grid example). ChillDev.JS will focus mainly on complex problems, like windowing/application mechanisms, data grid or forms, so with it you should be able to create rich web applications even for advanced purpose.

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What makes me angry - jQuery

Saturday, 26 March 2011, 03:40

Yes, I mean it - jQuery is a trash! For last time I was working alot on client-side interfaces for some projects in Red Sky and so I used a lot of jQuery there (not because of my own choice). This only cemented my conviction, how crappy is this library. Creating applications (I mean mechanisms more complicated then simple elements sliding) is a way through passion. I will try to describe best why I think that. If you are starting your adventure with JavaScript - dont get fooled with all that short lines which make your site shiny and blinky - you still have time to choose different, surely better.

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Hormon 0.0.2

Sunday, 12 December 2010, 00:15

This version has been released because there are some significant changes. I want to describe them bit more descriptive than single line in CHANGELOG.txt.

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I po co Ci te studia

Saturday, 13 November 2010, 11:37

Na taki, a nie inny przebieg zdarzeń miało wpływ wiele składowych, przez które również i na moją stronę czasu nie miałem zbyt dużo, ale nie o nich chcę się rozpisywać (chyba, że przyokazyjnie). O napisaniu tego typu tekstu myślałem już wcześniej, ale nie miałem czasu, a zresztą pisanie jaką to studia są bezsensowną stratą czasu samemu będąc studentem byłoby hipokryzją. Teraz jednak mogę się wypowiedzieć bez skrępowania. Zdaję sobie sprawę, że informatyka, którą ja studiowałem jest w tej kwestii dość skrajnym przypadkiem, ale myślę, że w tekście przedstawię argumenty uniwersalne.

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FFmpeg watermarking

Sunday, 24 October 2010, 01:23

The easiest way to implement movie-based serives on website running on Linux-based platform is FFmpeg with it's command-line interface. One of the most commonly demanded features for such services is movies watermarking with website's logo image. The problem is, that lastly FFmpeg introduced new filters mechanism and removed old APIs like vhook which was used for that purpose. So if you want to implement this feature using latest FFmpeg, you will have to mess a bit with it, since filters required for watermarking are currently available only in Summer of Code tree. So here is the solution.

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