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ChillDevFileManagerBundle - Filemanager frontend bundle for Symfony 2

Tuesday, 25 December 2012, 23:33

In my old projects I often needed direct file operations to change something in system. The easiest way is to do that from shell, or through SFTP, but on many shared hostings there is no way to do that. Using FTP on the other hand is not very handy on mobile devices. Because of that I implemented web-based filemanager features in them. Now all my Symfony 2 projects run on dedicated servers and most things are handled at build and deploy time, but from time to time I miss some of these featues. I thought there must be some kind of filemanager for Symfony 2 since it looked like a quite generic part of system. But there wasn't… until now (well, maybe not yet, but starting to be). I've published ChillDevFileManagerBundle - this is currently just a stub with a very limited features, but will of course grow to become (hopefuly) real filemanager that works out -of-the-box with your Symfony 2 installation.

Tags: Symfony, Filesystem, Tutorial, ChillDev, Bundle, PHP

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ChillDevViewHelpersBundle - PHP templating helpers for Symfony 2

Thursday, 15 November 2012, 10:33

To keep my projects up-to-date some time ago I've chosen Symfony 2 as a base framework to replace outdated Zend Framework (version 1 is old and far behind moder web and version 2 development is far behind Symfony's and the new ZF2 is bloated and messed up). Symfony 2 is a great framework, but there is one thing that I can't understand - why the hell use Twig!? For years people were migrating from engines like Smarty to plain PHP views/templates yelling that templating engines for PHP are stupid idea; and I fully support this thesis. PHP is a great templating engine by default, this is what PHP was created for at it's basic purpose: it's not like Python or Java where you need to send output explicitely - this is the sole feature in case of PHP. Why bloat it with additional templating layer? I personally consider Twig as a step backward and stay with plain-PHP templates. Unfortunately people followed Twig-based conventions and if you want to use PHP renderer you need to do many things on your own - most of popular bundles comes only with extensions for Twig, but not with helpers for PHP rendering engine. This is where ChillDevViewHelpersBundle comes in! It is set of basic helpers for PHP-based templates (hope to extend it in future of course).

Tags: Symfony, XHTML, Tutorial, ChillDev, Bundle, PHP

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