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FrontPageFilter - SPA with server side pages in Java

Wednesday, 05 October 2016, 20:38

Time flies, browsers become more and more modern, they are more and more up-to-date. As the common web standards and new frontend technologies are being adopted you can shift more stuff to the client-side. Particularily it means nowadays you can leave most of the frontend part on your JavaScript application shoulders. Thanks to that SPA approach is getting more and more popular. Especially that most search engines and webmaster tools are now able to understand and execute JavaScript code to build full site representation for analysis. With all of these in mind it's an attractive idea to develop your backend application as a pure JSON API (it doesn't have to be pure REST) and handle everything related to presentation layer on a frontend (browser) side. But you still need an application to serve it all from your server(s). Which means your backend application still needs to be a web application.

Tags: Web, Spring, Code, AJAX, ChillDev, Server, Java

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JSON-RPC services with pl.chilldev.commons

Saturday, 16 May 2015, 23:03

Yesterday a new version of pl.chilldev.commons (0.0.3) introduced a completely new component - pl.chilldev.commons:commons-jsonrpc. It is designed to ease building JSON-RPC services. It glues Apache MINA networking library with JSON-RPC 2.0 Base library. Thanks for using MINA, unlike most of the other JSON-RPC libraries, services are using plain TCP layer, without any envelope like HTTP. This gives possibility for making them more robust and efficient - client can use one connection session to interact asynchronously with the server with multiple parallel requests.

Tags: JSON-RPC, Code, Tutorial, ChillDev, Java

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ChillDev-Commons Java library

Saturday, 05 April 2014, 15:43

Last time I'm playing more and more with Java. And like always some parts of project I'm working on were absolutely generic. As an enthusiast of technologry and open-source I decided to publish them as ChillDev-Commons - losely coupled general-purpose routines library for Java. There is no particular idea about them, just released those classes that are completely generic and can be used by anyone - maybe they will be helpful. Hopefuly project will grow a little in future.

Tags: Code, Tutorial, ChillDev, Java

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ChillDevSpintax library - objective PHP library for spintax texts

Friday, 24 January 2014, 21:03

I'm working right now on a SEO tool and a must-have feature for such tools is support for spintax texts. It's a really common requirement so I though that there are planty of libraries for PHP to work with it. To my surprise I've hardly found any code snippet, not even a "complete" libraries and what's more most of them was… let's say it straight - crappy. Especially that project I'm working on requires a little more then just generating random texts, I need to remember and exclude already generated combinations etc. I had no other way than developing own library to deal with it, but since it's a completely stand-alone solution I decided to publish it as open source project - ChillDevSpintax library.

Tags: Web, SEO, Code, Tutorial, Spintax, ChillDev, PHP

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Symfony2 - global templating variables in PHP renderer with ChillDevViewHelpersBundle

Wednesday, 15 January 2014, 18:45

Short time ago, while working on one of my projects i faced a problem with PHP templating engine in Symfony2 (again the same) - passing pre-defined variables to view renderer. For some reason it's not possible to define global variables for PHP templating engine. It is possible for Twig (with TwigBundle), but there is no equivalent of that for PHP. After googling for a moment and browsing some of Stack Overflow questions I ensured myself that it's not possible and that I'm not the only one who is looking for such a feature.

Tags: Symfony, Code, ChillDev, Bundle, PHP

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Symfony2 - creating adapter-dependent sub-forms

Wednesday, 11 September 2013, 19:04

I think this is quite commonly needed feature - form structure that vary depending on some other field(s). The project, on which I'm currently working, is integrated with a lot of external APIs which usually require additional per-user options for each of them. It's a SEO tool and - to pick an example - provides various indexing services integration. Some of them require API key, some require login and password, some specify different URLs. So for each of them form structure can differ. Of course you could use some conditions to pick correct structure, but it's not enough - form needs to change together with selected option. There are some partial tutorials on the web how to alternate form based on events, but it's just one part of the solution - here is more complex one.

Tags: Symfony, Forms, Code, Tutorial, PHP

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Using Disqus in XHTML applications

Wednesday, 28 November 2012, 09:22

Disqus is a great service! Without any doubt - brilliant comments system for any website you have. With it you no longer need to care about implementing comments system, moderation tools, social stream etc. Everything you need from commenting system is there. However there is one problem with it - it doesn't work with real XHTML applications (not so common over the net, but still). What's even worse Disqus team stated clearly that they will not care about XHTML applications. If they won't, then I will :).

Tags: XHTML, Web, Disqus, Code, JavaScript

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Pork - fork() for PHP

Tuesday, 10 January 2012, 10:24

You always hear how many things modern computers can do at once, how multi-tasking they are… but when it comes to your simple mailing script it hangs on sending few mails and it can't go further. How it is that you run your application on powerful server machine, but your script flow is completely single-tasking? Well, machines and operating systems supports multi-tasking, but you have to write your code in specific way in order to benefit from it - you have to split your program into multiple single tasks that can be executed parallelly. If you are a PHP developer and you need something for multi-tasking, here I give you Pork - fork() for PHP.

Tags: Pork, Skrypty, Code, Kod, PHP

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JavaScript Zend-like url helper

Monday, 25 July 2011, 20:35

In JavaScript, especially when you work with AJAX (many requests to frontend host) and dynamic UI (many requests for assets like images) you have to resolve a lot of URLs. Problem comes, when you have to keep some base of your URLs reference (like web application base URL), or keep your links switchable easily (static hosts balancing). If you are familiar with Zend_Framework, you must know baseUrl() helper for Zend_View. Isn't that a handful thing? Then why not use it in your client scripts as well :)? Here I propose my solution for easy URLs resolving that behaves much like Zend_View's baseUrl() helper.

Tags: Zend, Code, JavaScript, Kod

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