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Java+AWS Lambda+Spring - a little less wrong way

Sunday, 07 May 2017, 23:00

FaaS approach is still quite fresh and developers keep comming out with better and better solutions for handling it. One of the leading cloud services providing function applications is AWS Lambda and here I will describe my exprience with it, but I'm pretty sure these clues can apply regardless of provider, which you use. Obviously when a developer face new environment, like this, the easiest way is to try it out with your known technological stack. And no matter how improper it seems to be, you can handle it with Java. And when Java, you will very likely also think of using Spring to help you with it. How? Why? Why not?

Tags: Lambda, Spring, AWS, Cloud, Optimization, Java

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Symfony2 - simple, yet useful tips

Monday, 17 June 2013, 16:24

It's been a while since my last article and activity, as I was mainly concentrated on my private life and commercials projects, but even though my top commitment was updating projects dependencies on GitHub I also experimented with some different approaches for organising Symfony2 projects. I want to share some of my thoughts, so you may also benefit from using it or tell me why these ideas are stupid. I don't want to write here some obvious stuff like "write unit tests", "use Composer" etc. - you can read that in every single tutorial for Symfony2. Some of my tricks are plain simple but not obvious, some, on the other hand look strange, but saved my ass, so you can give them a try. Please excuse my a bit chaotic form (and content), but I'm writing this in my free time while commuting by train :P.

Tags: Symfony, Optimization, ChillDev, Production, PHP

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Serving static content (CSS and JavaScript) with GZip

Saturday, 23 July 2011, 18:29

When you publish your project in production environment you usualy have some build tasks to be done for each release. For web projects it's good to take care about static contents there - mainly images, CSS and JavaScript. If your project is going to work under heavy load, one of the optimization field will be response size and time. While you will mainly look into your engine/application to shortnen it's response handling time, sometimes it may not be the case. The other point at which you should look is serving static content. Even when those files are stored on separated static server usualy one page load requires loading planty of additional static files. One of the good options is to compress them - smaller size means both smaller bandwidth and shorter loading time for clients.

Tags: Apache2, GZip, CSS, JavaScript, Server, Optimization, Production, .htaccess

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