Wrzasq.pl was founded in 2009. Over years, we participated in numerous software projects at any scale and stage - from building MVPs up to long-running maintenance; from early startup bootstrapping to corporate scale. We helped many companies start their digital journey from day one, we were trusted by many large companies to take care and improve performance of their existing businesses. Apart from commercial projects, open-source is another field where we also actively participate.

Expertise, which includes everything from Java and Python programming experience to an expert-level knowledge of AWS Infrastructure (CloudFormation), Serverless (Lambda, API-Gateway, DynamoDB) and DevOps, which means how to build Software that gets delivered as fast as possible to production. Wolfgang, IT manager at Siemens
Top-motivated, highly-skilled engineer with deep experience in multiple programming languages and system levels. This helped him always find the optimal solution for us and provide this in a reliable & high-quality fashion. Makrus, co-founder of CrossEngange
He was the first one to use Terraform at doctari and helped us kick off the AWS Platform Team to professionalize our AWS infrastructure. It was great that he was available end of last year when we needed him urgently and has made great contributions to our infrastructure code ever since. Claus, Head of Development at Doctari

While specializing in cloud projects, we also have broader spectrum of skills and services covering plenty of IT aspects including desktop and mobile applications, web applications, infrastructure and data processing that will enable your organization to better utilize full potential of modern technologies and devices in your company. With our innovative solutions we are always step ahead of the others - you can be there with us!

In serverless approach everything is a code. As a real DevOps we are not only administrators, but fully hands-on-enabled developers with years of experience also in that area - we can work on both business logic and cloud infrastructure in one place. Serverless applications are decoupled from any other component, so we can always pick most convenient technology for particular problem.

We know the tools, good practices and are crazy about high quality. As serverless applications are decoupled from any physical boundaries, it's usually easier to test them and build temporary environments for integrations.

Serverless applications do not need any underlying physical infrastructure. They are packaged together with definition of all required resources (e.g. CloudFormation template, Terraform manifest). Such package is usually fully self-contained. Their deployment can be fully automated, packages are re-usable, deployed instances are very often disposable and easy to migrate.

Key aspect of working with cloud projects is automation. Fully automated packaging and deployment processes ensures proper quality and allows for quick recovery. When working with distributed public clouds, like AWS, automated pipelines allow for easy application migration (legal ownership transfer, organization restructuring) or multiplication (geographically distributed replication, multiple stage environments).

Automation tools can connect multiple pieces of the system, manage and keep them up to date, track configuration and enable them to communicate with each other.

Monitoring solutions continuously watch running components looking for anomalies and allow for performing automated tasks to keep system stable. In emergency situations they can automatically inform operators about malfunctions.

We become part of your team, working directly with other agile team members on daily basis.

You keep your current workflow - we adapt to your schedule and toolset.

We join your agile ceremonies, like Scrum meetings, reviews.

Among us are people with agile methodologies certificates.

Open Source

Commercial projects


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