FrontPageFilter - SPA with server side pages in Java

Thursday, 06 October 2016, 20:29

Time flies, browsers become more and more modern, they are more and more up-to-date. As the common web standards and new frontend technologies are being adopted you can shift more stuff to the client-side. Particularily it means nowadays you can leave most of the frontend part on your JavaScript application shoulders. Thanks to that SPA approach is getting more and more popular. Especially that most search engines and webmaster tools are now able to understand and execute JavaScript code to build full site representation for analysis. With all of these in mind it's an attractive idea to develop your backend application as a pure JSON API (it doesn't have to be pure REST) and handle everything related to presentation layer on a frontend (browser) side. But you still need an application to serve it all from your server(s). Which means your backend application still needs to be a web application.

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Serving static content (CSS and JavaScript) with GZip

Thursday, 16 June 2016, 10:47

When you publish your project in production environment you usualy have some build tasks to be done for each release. For web projects it's good to take care about static contents there - mainly images, CSS and JavaScript. If your project is going to work under heavy load, one of the optimization field will be response size and time. While you will mainly look into your engine/application to shortnen it's response handling time, sometimes it may not be the case. The other point at which you should look is serving static content. Even when those files are stored on separated static server usualy one page load requires loading planty of additional static files. One of the good options is to compress them - smaller size means both smaller bandwidth and shorter loading time for clients.

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