Blue-green deployments with Terraform

Thursday, 24 December 2020, 13:29

Blue-green deployments are not always easy, but cloud environments and tools that manage them make it much easier. One of the leading tools in the DevOps world designed to help you manage your resources in infrastructure-as-code manner is Terraform. This tool is just brilliant and at the same time easy to use. Still, when working exclusively with AWS cloud, I use CloudFormation considering it to be just better choice (for various reasons), and when it comes to serverless architecture I hardly can find anything simpler. But yes, this time I will use Terraform and the solution, even though using AWS resources for exemplar cases, should be portable to any infrastructure provider you would like to use. In most guides and articles on the web, which I've found infrastructure code was used to orchestrate entire landscape as one codebase - meaning you would need to modify your code reflect current stage of deployment process. This however doesn't play well with another aspect of dev-ops, which is automation usually done via CI/CD pipeline. I tried to describe blue-green deployment more like a process that allows you to decouple each step and place it within your pipeline.

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