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ChillDev-Facelets - various Spring-based Facelets handlers

Wednesday, 12 November 2014, 22:27

Digging more and more into Java and building more and more apps with Spring I began to discover more and more technologies. One of my, probably key, decisions was to use Facelets as a view technology. Seems to be quite simple, but it isn't so - first of all Spring has a very limited integration possibilities for Facelets views; secondly Facelets are based on a different concepts than classic view templating engines like JSP, Velocity etc.; and finally Facelets are strictly designed for JSF framework so some of core features depend on it. But it's not impossible! Basic integration with Facelets is provided by Spring itself by variable resolver class that resolves Facelets variables by using Spring beans. Even better integration is possible by using Spring Web Flow which provides view resolver. What is missing is the integration of many core components, which are available in JSP tags. I began to create taglibs to fill missing gaps.

Tags: XHTML, Web, Forms, Spring, Tutorial, ChillDev, Java, Facelets

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ChillDev-Web - web page model library for Java

Thursday, 12 June 2014, 20:49

Last time I'm trying to migrate more and more towards technologies different than PHP, which I always found primitive and messed-up, but was skilled enought to do some fancy stuff with it. Even though I often play with different technologies and languages, I always liked Java and I'm moving more and more into it with my projects. For me, especially after years of PHP development, the biggest disadvantage is lack of many presentation-related features in JSP layer and MVC frameworks. I've decided to spend sime time trying my skills and reminding myself a bit of Java with creating library for JSP presentation technology that would help managing page meta-data. Basically is an attempt to port ChillDevViewHelpersBundle, my Symfony2 bundle, for Java/Spring.

Tags: XHTML, Web, Spring, SEO, JSP, Tutorial, ChillDev, Java

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Using Disqus in XHTML applications

Wednesday, 28 November 2012, 09:22

Disqus is a great service! Without any doubt - brilliant comments system for any website you have. With it you no longer need to care about implementing comments system, moderation tools, social stream etc. Everything you need from commenting system is there. However there is one problem with it - it doesn't work with real XHTML applications (not so common over the net, but still). What's even worse Disqus team stated clearly that they will not care about XHTML applications. If they won't, then I will :).

Tags: XHTML, Web, Disqus, Code, JavaScript

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ChillDevViewHelpersBundle - PHP templating helpers for Symfony 2

Thursday, 15 November 2012, 10:33

To keep my projects up-to-date some time ago I've chosen Symfony 2 as a base framework to replace outdated Zend Framework (version 1 is old and far behind moder web and version 2 development is far behind Symfony's and the new ZF2 is bloated and messed up). Symfony 2 is a great framework, but there is one thing that I can't understand - why the hell use Twig!? For years people were migrating from engines like Smarty to plain PHP views/templates yelling that templating engines for PHP are stupid idea; and I fully support this thesis. PHP is a great templating engine by default, this is what PHP was created for at it's basic purpose: it's not like Python or Java where you need to send output explicitely - this is the sole feature in case of PHP. Why bloat it with additional templating layer? I personally consider Twig as a step backward and stay with plain-PHP templates. Unfortunately people followed Twig-based conventions and if you want to use PHP renderer you need to do many things on your own - most of popular bundles comes only with extensions for Twig, but not with helpers for PHP rendering engine. This is where ChillDevViewHelpersBundle comes in! It is set of basic helpers for PHP-based templates (hope to extend it in future of course).

Tags: Symfony, XHTML, Tutorial, ChillDev, Bundle, PHP

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Monday, 14 July 2008, 15:05

Mikroformaty od jakiegoś czasu stają się coraz popularniejsze, ale wciąż nie są na szeroką skalę ani używane, ani opisywane. Co to w ogóle takiego? Mikroformaty definiują sposób zapisu pewnego rodzaju informacji na stronach WWW głównie od strony budowy dokumentu, co umożliwia odczytanie takich informacji przez maszyny i programy.

Tags: XHTML, Standardy, Mikroformaty, Kod

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